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The Hackfest

The Hackfest will build on the tradition started last year in Windsor. This year we hope to involve not only technical participants but also library staff from public service, cataloguing, and other areas. To provide workspace, we've booked a computer lab at Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. on October 1st. Harbour Centre is just a few blocks from the conference hotel. We also have access to a lab at SFU's Bennett Library (2105 in the linked diagram), which is easy to get to by public transit from downtown.

The Hackfest is generously sponsored by Innovative Interfaces.

Dan Chudnov has posted a detailed writeup on the Hackfest at /usr/lib/info.

Update, October 7: The Hackfest was a great success! Over 30 people participated in 8 projects. Roy Tennant captured the event on video (11 MB Quicktime) for posterity. Dan's report on the Hackfest is available as a PowerPoint file, an Open Office file, and it has also been HTMLized.

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