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Mark Leggott

OpenURL: Pointing a loaded resolver

Mark Leggott
University of Winnipeg

Kristina Long
Simon Fraser University

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The NISO OpenURL standard provides shared syntax for creating web-transportable packages of metadata and/or identifiers about information objects. In its most common application it is used as the basis for link-resolver middleware to link between distributed electronic information resources.

In this presentation, Kristina Long will focus on the challeges of implementing OpenURL from the developer's perspective. Mark Leggott will discuss the results of a recent survey of link resolver products undertaken by the COPPUL consortium.


Kristina Long has worked at Simon Fraser University Library since 1993, first as a programmer/analyst and now as a systems consultant. Her current job includes the system administration of the library's Solaris machines and work on projects such as GODOT and SLRI (a Z39.50 to http gateway) both written in her favorite programming language, Perl. She is a proponent of open source software and would like to see more open source software available for libraries. Kristina has a B.Sc.(co-op) from SFU (1993). Her co-op work included a help desk position with TransCanada Pipelines and programming positions with Simon Fraser University and IBM.

Mark Leggott is the University Librarian at the University of Winnipeg and was previously Systems Librarian at St. Francis Xavier University as well as Project Manager at Optim Corporation. Mark is a strong open source/open access proponent and is actively working to encourage other library directors to be the same. He is also very active in the Canadian library scene and sits on a number of national and regional committees. Some current projects include OpenILL and ReSearcher (both open source library systems), eCommons::Research (an OAI repository) and OSLS.CA (an opportunity for promoting open source in Canadian libraries).

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