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Kent Weaver

TSpace: DSpace Implementation at the University of Toronto

Kent Weaver
University of Toronto

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TSpace is the U of T implementation of DSpace, an open source institutional repository (IR) developed by MIT and Hewlett-Packard. In response to emerging electronic publishing concerns, intellectual property, knowledge and server/storage management, organizations increasingly need "one place" to find, store and preserve works that are born digitally. Among IR products, DSpace uniquely marries easy distributed user submissions, a breadth of file formats and digital preservation as an explicit objective. As part of the DSpace Federation, U of T is one of six early adopters. The Federation is not only developing openly available code but also documenting implementation issues such as collection parameters, marketing, training, user support and copyright etc. This session will provide a technical overview, a description of current and potential partnerships and describe the deployment of our early adopter program.

Kent Weaver is the Manager, Systems Operations, for Information Technology Services. He has held previous public service/management positions in the University Archives, Government Publications

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