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Dave Kisly

OpenILL: Open Source Interlibrary Loan Management System

Dave Kisly
Consultant, University of Winnipeg

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The discussion will describe the evolution of the OpenILL project. Envisioned by the University of Winnipeg as a low-cost alternative to more expensive, proprietary inter-library loan (ILL) management systems, OpenILL is being developed to communicate / inter-operate with other systems, most noteably, GODOT and an LDAP version of the National Library of Canada's Directory of Library Symbols (itself under development).

Starting from the initial rationale for the project, the session will address also the underlying environment (Cold Fusion, Java, MySQL, Fusebox methodology), future developments and the benefits and risks faced by prospective partner libraries.

Dave Kisly is a freelance consultant and lead developer on the Open ILL project. He previously worked as a project coordinator for the BC Electronic Library Network.

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