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Brian Lamb

Not quite a learning objects presentation: centralized vs. distributed approaches

Brian Lamb
University of British Columbia

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Recent years have seen convergence in learning object metadata standards, and an increasingly broad commitment to the creation and management of educational multimedia. But discontent with the prevailing vision is building, and dialogue is becoming more contentious as a broader cross-section of the teaching and learning community demand a voice in the process of building standards. Meanwhile, alternative approaches driven by simple tools such as weblogs and wikis are emerging and gaining popularity. The potential benefits of personal publishing tools and RSS in the institution in general, and to the academic library in particular, will be discussed.

Brian Lamb is a Project Coordinator with UBC's Office of Learning Technology. He is presently collaborating with a number of learning object projects on campus, and is also engaged in a range of related research and outreach efforts. He has enjoyed previous stints at the now-deceased Technical University British Columbia, and with Mexico's Monterrey Tech University system. His weblog:

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